S90 W34549 Whitetail Dr.
Eagle, WI 53119

Who we are and why we're here

All outside sales people are equipped with cellular phones, voicemail answering systems, company email addresses. Each is equipped with fax machines and IBM compatible computer systems.

Don Janes

Don Janes, President
Phone: 262-594-3870
Fax: 262-594-3844
E-mail: don.janes@ecpco.com
Address:S90 W34549 Whitetail Drive
Eagle, WI 53119

  • Founded ECP in 2000
  • Over 30 years as a manufacturer’s representative
  • 4 years direct sales experience

George James

George James, Account Manager N. Illinois and Wisconsin
Phone: 414-241-8146
E-mail: george.james@ecpco.com
Address: 2540 N. 70th St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

  • Business Management: Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Masters of Business Administration (focus on Lean Process Improvement and digital marketing): Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Enjoys:
    • Problem solving and creating new relationships
    • Playing baseball, basketball, softball and golf
    • Hitting golf balls to his dog
    • Experiencing new cultures and customs via travel across the U.S. and different parts of the world.
    • Camp fires, fishing and boating in Door County
    • Spending quality time with family and friends.

Richard Ourada

Richard Ourada, Key Account Manager Illinois and Missouri
Phone: 630-737-0398
Fax: 630-737-0398
E-mail: rich@ecpco.com
Address: 5304 Fairmont Ave
Downer's Grove, IL 60515

  • Worked for ECP for over 15 years
  • Over 12 years experience as a manufacturer’s representative
  • 4 years of direct sales experience